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A glimpse into the past through our eyes!

Family albums all start at some point and for us, this is with the earliest photographs of our forebears. We start here with the 9th generation to carry the Havenga surname and it is the 5th generation of Havengas in South Africa. 

You’ll find details of how we fit into the South African and Dutch Havinga/Havenga tree on the Basic Family Tree page.  It is a temporary page until we publish the full geneological site using the appropriate software. 

Arthur, Daniël, Edith and Charles Havenga - Southernwood, East London 1959
Maternal Lineage

South Africa 5

Generation 9

Paternal Lineage
Florence (nee Thurston) and Charles Beard

Petrus Cornelius Havenga – b. 11 Oct 1857 d. 19 Feb 1928

Margaretha Helena Smit – b. 3 Jun 1868 d. 19 May 1925

Charles Beard – b.  13 Mar 1877   d.  28 11 1966

Florence Emily Thurston – b.  17 Mar 18   d. 13 Aug 1973

Margaretha Smit

Daughter of Willem Stephanus Smit and Margaretha Helena Venter.

Petrus Havenga

Son of Marthinus Christoffel Havenga and Anna Maria Johanna Struwig.

Maternal Lineage

South Africa 6

Generation 10

Paternal Lineage
Edith Mary Beard

Daniël Jacobus Havenga – b. 7 Oct 1898  d. 28 Dec 1970

Edith Mary Beard – b.  28 Jun 1910  d.  21 Jun 2001

We don’t know where or when he started working for the S A Railways but we do know that he worked in Dewetsdorp, eventually being posted to Britstown around 1927 or so where the resident Station Master was Charles Beard, an Englishman who came to South Africa c.1895 and worked in Maitland amongst other places before being promoted to Paarl as Station Master. 

Charles Beard had 3 daughters, the eldest of whom was Edith Mary. She was smitten by the new clerk who was posted to Britstown station. Florence Beard, Edith’s mother, was not happy about her relationship with an Afrikaner, but Charles saw things differently and allowed the relationship to develop.

Daniël’s experience of British hospitality no doubt endeared him to this kindly old Station Master. (See the story about Daniël’s adventures in WW1)

Daniël Jacobus Havenga married Edith Mary Beard on 5 August 1928 in De Aar, South Africa.

Daniël Jacobus Havenga
Charles Peter Havenga
Pamela Irene Wiles

South Africa 7

Generation 11

Charles Peter Havenga and Pamela Irene Wiles

Arthur Daniel Havenga and Sylvia Hughes

Charles Peter Havenga, born on 19 September 1932 in Britstown and Pamela Irene Wiles, born on 23 June 1938 in Burbage England, were married on 3 April 1961 in Belville, Cape Town South Africa.

Arthur Daniel Havenga, born on 22 April 1937 in Vereeniging and Sylvia Hughes, born on 5 March 1937 in Benoni, were married on 30 January 1960 in Orange Grove, Johannesburg.

A third son, George,  did not survive infancy and was laid to rest in Ladybrand in the Free State in 1939.

Arthur Daniel Havenga
Sylvia Hughes

Charles and Pamela's Children

South Africa 8

Generation 12

Arthur and Sylvia's Children