The Havenga Family

"So who's side of the family do you take after?"

As with other-name names, from the Middle Ages – Names were transferred to the house and country of the families concerned. It was not unusual for new residents to take over the name so that their meaning actually changed:

Havinga = ‘living on the Havinks-estate’.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

~ Confucious


As narated by Daniël Jacobus Havenga, Pte 8660, 2nd South African Infantry Brigade

Knowing your history can give you the tools to chape your future.

~ Gloria Feldt

Take a trip through our journey of discovery

Checking and cross checking, following up with family and organisations, verifying and making notes and finally, after 6 years we are ready to publish our family tree and other interesting snippets on the internet.

Special thanks to Roelf Havinga from Maastrcht, Netherlands for a huge chunk of information. His assitance helped us pinpoint the arrival in 1755 of the progenitor of the surname Havenga in South Africa.

His documents also chart a further 7 generations back “home” in the Netherlands and indicate a possible linage going back to 1550 in Beerta (or Finsterwolde).

These pages are dedicated to Daniël Jacobus Havenga,
his sons, Charles Peter and Arthur Daniel, and their families.

If you're a Havenga, find your branch in our tree!

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